Portable Storage

Mobile Storage Unit and Self-Storage Unique Features

Before buying your storage unit you need to look at some features. There are various options to choose from so it’s good to choose the one that fits your requirements. You may want to go for those that have standard storage facilities or those that are mobile. Choosing your unit can be difficult but once you know the space that you require and the type of equipment you want to store it won’t be difficult.  Also when choosing your storage you have to look at the level of convenience.

Mobile Storage vs. Self-Storage

When choosing between the different storage units options there are two options that you can go for this are self-storage and mobile storage.  The two has different standard of storage facilities and also another is more convenient.  Some may find the self-storage is the best while others will opt for the mobile storage.

What is the Difference Between the Two?

The companies that offer self-storage and mobile storage rent different sizes of rooms to store equipment. Mobile storage companies are ahead of the self-storage by just one step.  What they do is that they bring their storage system to you and they will take it away and store it if you like. They can even choose to take your unit to a different location if you so choose.

Both companies offer same features but there are some notable differences.  The two come in various sizes you can rent a mobile storage that is as small as 5 – 8 feet container or the large ones that measure 45 feet. You can also choose to rent the self-storage as small as a closet or go for a big one that can even hold your RV. The sizes of the storage units vary with companies.

Both units offer different level of security.  Most of the self-storage units are in buildings with partitioned sections.  They also have drive-up doors. You provide your own locks. In addition the storage units are surrounded by a fence having a security gate.  Another feature of the self-storage is that they are housed in buildings which make it even safer.  Some of these units have an extra level of protection where they are provide with external security doors, this makes them to be more secure. Some companies provide 24 hour management, security guards and surveillance cameras.

You can lease both units of storage, but mobile storage companies offer the option of buying the unit. Also, the mobile storage can be packed at your own pace unlike the self-storage where goods need to be transported to the storage units.  The mobile storage units are accessible in your home but if they have stored for you there is a notice you have to give them in advance before accessing your commodities. Self-storage is not so close to your drive way and you don’t need to provide a notice. But it is important though to check the policy of your company in order to know more.

Secure Space Availability for Keeping Things Safe